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A storyteller at heart...

I spent my youth attending weekly extended family dinners at my Grandparent’s home, and by age 12, had picked up a camera to document them. Two decades later, and over 240 family dinners recorded, this passion now extends beyond just the family, but to every aspect of my life.

I provide a wide range of expertise, from photographing large-scale corporate events, small intimate gatherings, producing content for a gaming YouTube channel with over 45 million views, to editing thousands of images on a short turnaround to meet the requests of clients. In my spare time, you can find me hiking, volunteering with the Kirkland Heritage Society, Northwest Railway Museum, and photographing landscapes, friends, and family.

“Christopher is great at being given a project and finding the story. His documentary style captures a rich environment while at the same time finding the human element in his images. He combines technical proficiency with a creative point of view that results in great digital content. I have always appreciated his ability to take on challenging projects and his willingness to jump on a flight at the last minute to produce compelling images.”

Mark ContrattoPhoto Director, Filmateria